Apple accused of slowing down iPhones with aging batteries

Apple accused of slowing down iPhones with aging batteries

The speed went up to 2526 in single-core and 4456 in multi-core tests after the battery replacement. Couldn't figure out why, but just thought that iOS 11 was still very bad to me. Reddit user TeckFire pointed out that their iPhone 6S had been "very slow these past few weeks".

A Reddit thread over the weekend highlighted some interesting theories as to why some iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s family devices are witnessing slower processing speeds running iOS 11, which led to speculation that Apple is intentionally slowing down older phones to retain a full day's charge even if the battery has reached the end of its operational life.

If the only thing that was keeping you from owning an iPhone X, then this news is for you as Apple may come with a toned down variant of the phone with the name, iPhone Xc. It was seen that an iPhone 6s got a GeekBench score of 1466 (Single core) and 2512 (Multi-core) with a worn-out battery.

So regarding the iPhone X mix for the fiscal year, I'm doubling my previous estimate from 7.5% to 15%, understanding that the outstanding usage numbers depicted above are probably reflective of robust early sales that should fizzle throughout the year, after the novelty effect wears off.

Many expected Apple to ditch its ageing Touch ID fingerprint scanner on this year's iPhone release, and it did just that with the bezel-free design of the range-topping iPhone X.

Apple accused of slowing down iPhones with aging batteries

But the tech giant's next iPhone could scrap Touch ID altogether, says Trusted Reviews, which reports that analysts believe Apple will favour the facial-scanning Face ID security system instead.

However, around two months later, Apple released iOS 10.2.1 and said that since more users were affected than it initially thought, the fix was released in the form of a software update. Perhaps T-Mobile customers are ordering the iPhone X more than those subscribed to other US wireless operators. Well, they have been getting it wrong all this while - it turns out that old battery powering their device is the real culprit. It ensured that the phone doesn't draw too much power. Apparently, the iPhone 5c was more affordable than the rest of the models.

Although the holiday shopping season is already busy, Apple managed to improve shipping estimates for its latest iPhone X smartphone.

It's unclear whether this is an official Apple policy, but the Reddit user thinks it may have happened once the iOS 10.2.1 update fixed all those iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s battery problems. If you want to get the iPhone X before the holidays, now could be the right time to buy it.

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