Amazon might be looking to compete with YouTube

Amazon might be looking to compete with YouTube

This sounds very much like a video streaming service that lets users upload their own original video content, which is exactly what YouTube is already doing.

In September, Google blocked users of Amazon's touch-screen smart speaker - the Amazon Show - from seeing YouTube videos, extending a years' long jousting over access to rivals' products.

The trademark request submitted by Amazon was first spotted by TV Answer Man.

First noticed by the blog Domain Name Wire, the descriptions include a few things that sound an bad lot like YouTube, such as "Providing non-downloadable pre-recorded audio, visual and audiovisual works via wireless networks on a variety of topics of general interest".

Additionally, it states that it will "enable users to share content, photos videos, text, data, images and other electronic works." and lists a number of genres from gaming, to music, fashion, and technology.

So it appears Amazon was a little more angry about YouTube getting pulled from the Amazon Echo Show than it initially seemed. DomainNameWire reported earlier this month that Amazon has been registering a lot of domain names, including, and Amazon recently faced a problem with that, and now it seems the company may have plans to take on the platform... Seven weeks later, the Apple TV app still isn't available, and when we reached out to Google about this, the spokesperson said of its launch, perplexingly, that "there's no change here". Instead, a filing found at the USPTO shows that the online retailer has filed to trademark the name AmazonTube.

Amazon and Google have been in quite the feud for a while, and things look set to get spicier if the murmurs are true.

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