YouTube's battery drain problem on iOS devices is now fixed

YouTube's battery drain problem on iOS devices is now fixed

Google's productivity apps, known as G Suite, have received a new update that makes Docs, Sheets and Slides more compatible with iPhone X. The update also now allows content drag-and-drop on iPad.

Youtube promises that the latest update to its app will fix the dreaded battery drain that has been plaguing iOS 11 devices.

While the app has always been a battery hog, the battery drain was so severe that watching a 15-minute clip could use more than 10% of the iPhone's battery.

This does not confirm the fault is with the codes of the YouTube app or with the iOS 11 update. In some cases, users reported the device would even become heated as a result of the problem, but not everyone experienced this issue. We understand the problem impacted users on YouTube versions 12.42 and 12.43, specifically, regardless of which version of iOS they were running, or what iOS device they ran the YouTube app on. "Grid Autosport" is available in the App Store priced at $9.99, which includes the main game.

Finally, after two weeks, version 12.45 of the app was released.

The release notes for YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream 12.45 says "fixed an issue with battery usage" under the What's New Section. This emotional drain of the battery was on casual, and along with that, the heating problem was the critical one which should not happen while taking a load of serving a video online as it can not gives an intense task to neither CPU nor GPU.

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