Today in Mass Shootings: Five Dead in Northern California

Today in Mass Shootings: Five Dead in Northern California

Three people are dead and two others wounded after a shooting at a school on Tuesday.

"Rancho Tehama resident Salvador Tello said he was taking his three children to school when the gunman fired at a truck in front of him".

Phil Johnston is the Tehama County Assistant Sheriff.

Corning Union Elementary School District Superintendent Rick Fitzpatrick said one student remains in stable condition at Mercy Hospital in Redding. According to police, it appears that the shooter was randomly picking targets.

The shooting reportedly started at a home and moved to the school, authorities said.

Johnston said officials did not have an accurate count of the total number of people injured in the shooting that unfolded across at least seven locations. Johnston said there were more than 100 officers helping cover the multiple scenes. A semi-automatic rifle and two handguns were recovered from one of the crime scenes, police said. He declined to release the name of the shooter but said the gunfire began with a domestic violence incident that neighbors reported.

The shootings occurred in the rural community of Rancho Tehama Reserve, a homeowners association in a sparsely populated area of rolling oak woodlands dotted with grazing cattle about 130 miles north of Sacramento.

He said the 45-minute rampage ended when a patrol auto rammed the stolen vehicle the shooter was driving and killed him in a shootout.

"They went on an immediate lockdown", the sheriff said during a press conference. "We made it (known) that this guy is insane and he's been threatening us and everything like that".

As of Tuesday afternoon, five people, none of them children, including the alleged shooter, was confirmed dead. "We offer our condolences to the families who lost loved ones and unite with all Californians in grief".

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