Samsung Begins Mass Production Of Its Second Generation 10nm Chips

Samsung Begins Mass Production Of Its Second Generation 10nm Chips

It is said that with 10LPP process brings up to 10% higher performance in 15% lower power consumption as compared to first-gen 10nm processors, which are used in Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8 handsets. Also mentioned is that the processor is built on second-generation 10nm process technology.

Samsung Electronics has shared that its Foundry Business will begin to mass produce second generation 10LPP (Low Power Plus) System-on-Chip products. This continually-improved process allows new chips to be designed without major overhauls. As this process is derived from the already proven 10LPE technology, it greatly reduces turn-around time from development to mass production and provides higher initial manufacturing yield, the company claimed.

The new chips will be ready for early 2018 phones and become more and more available by the end of the year.

Samsung released its new enterprise-grade smartphone, which aims to make business deployment and management of devices easier.

Its pretty much confirmed that Samsung will get the exclusive first batch of Snapdragon 845 chips, much to the dismay of competitors.

Samsung said that its new 10nm chips will be built at its newest manufacturing line, the S3 plant in Hwaseong, Korea.

"Samsung with its long-living 10nm process strategy will continue to work on the evolution of 10nm technology down to 8LPP to offer customers distinct competitive advantages for a wide range of applications". That's what happened this year with the Snapdragon 835 chip. It's good to see that Samsung is keeping efficiency a priority.

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