Rohingya Flee Myanmar, Only to be Exploited in Bangladesh

Rohingya Flee Myanmar, Only to be Exploited in Bangladesh

The report stated that almost 376 "terrorists" were killed in fighting during the August attacks.

But in its report on Monday, the Tatmadaw claimed that there had been "no deaths of innocent people".

Rakhine's northernmost Maungdaw district was once home to around three quarters of Myanmar's 1.1 million-strong Rohingya population, according to government figures.

Burmese authorities refuse to use the term "Rohingya", with which the community identifies, rather using the term "Bengali".

"The security forces were only fighting against the ARSA Bengali terrorists".

"Exploitation has been reported among Rohingya refugees not only among those who arrived since August 25 this year but also among those who have lived in Bangladesh for years".

Stressing the importance of holding to account those responsible for human rights abuses and violations, the Security Council statement called for the Government of Myanmar to co-operate with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

"Who could have predicted that if more than 600,000 people were fleeing from a brutal army for fear of their lives, the woman who many of us believed would have the clearest and loudest voice on the crisis would go quiet", the band said in a statement.

Turkey has been at the forefront of providing aid to Rohingya refugees.

The U.N. migration agency reports that human trafficking and exploitation are rife among Rohingya who have fled to Bangladesh, not only recently but in past years, U.N. spokesman Stephane Dujarric told reporters at U.N. headquarters in NY. Picture taken on November 12, 2017.

"The Burmese military's absurd effort to absolve itself of mass atrocities underscores why an independent global investigation is needed to establish the facts and identify those responsible", said Brad Adams, Asia director at Human Rights Watch, in a statement. Like the ASEAN Chairman's Statement issued in late-September - a statement criticized by Malaysia's foreign minister, as well as by APHR, at the time - the draft document reportedly also made no mention of rights violations by security forces and did not name as a group the Rohingya, who have borne the brunt of the abuses and displacement.

"The Burmese authorities have once again shown that they can't and won't credibly investigate themselves", Adams added.

Aye Lwin, a member of the government-appointed Advisory Commission on Rakhine State led by former United Nations chief Kofi Annan noted that State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi has been working on implementing the commission's recommendations and repatriating refugees living in displacement camps in Bangladesh.

"They did not arrest, beat or kill civilians. They killed Hindus and other ethnic minorities". Irish Rockers U2 who had campaigned for Suu Kyi's release when she was a political prisoner also expressed their disappointment. "There is no genocide or ethnic cleansing".

Myanmar has received a reprieve from formal criticism by a regional Asian group on the Rohingya crisis, but tough talks with the United States await when Secretary of State Rex Tillerson meets with de facto national leader Aung San Suu Kyi and the military commander-in-chief on Wednesday.

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