Justice League will reveal the 'true' Superman

Justice League will reveal the 'true' Superman

Justice League opens in theaters on November 17th, so don't forget to pre-order your tickets for opening weekend. This is the culmination of all the DC Extended Universe films coming together for the first time and there is a lot riding on this project. When BvS was released in March 2016, Snyder was in London in pre-production on Justice League, reading about online petitions to boot him off the film, angry sentiment about how the films were too dark and how he was ruining these beloved characters. And Wonder Woman, a more evolved and experienced heroine in the wake of her movie, "understands the pressure and the stakes" of the invading force, Gadot says. The film will be the first time all of DC's beloved heroes - Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, Flash and (we're just assuming) Superman - will share the screen in a live-action format.

With that in mind, Justice League's second (and downright hilarious) post-credits scene has surfaced online, and it's much more in line with Joss Whedon's directorial style - think of the zippy dialogue between Earth's Mightiest Heroes in the original Avengers - than the one featuring a certain masked vigilante.

Join guest host and third alternate Space Ghost, Hector Navarro, as he runs down the early word on Justice League's critical reception.

After making brief cameo appearances in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Ray Fisher and Jason Momoa will finally have lead roles as Cyborg and Aquaman, respectively, in Justice League.

"You're standing next to Batman and Wonder Woman".

We've known that Batman (Ben Affleck) is torn up about the loss and that Cavill will be back for Justice League, but it hasn't been clear how that will happen.

"I think the attractive thing is the connectivity", said Fisher. "He said what's great now is that the League gets to bring Batman out of this darkness".

The fate of the Flashpoint movie is also in the hands of this film, as WB reportedly won't go forward with it unless the film is a success.

Cavill has said that anyone who watches the film will be able to associate with the superheroes due to their humane traits. We feel the loss of that character in this movie because he's not present anymore.

When will Justice League release?

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