Jon Stewart 'stunned' by Louis CK sex scandal, says friendship caused 'blindness'

Jon Stewart 'stunned' by Louis CK sex scandal, says friendship caused 'blindness'

Could I have done more?' In this situation, we all could have. When asked by Lauer about his reaction to the allegations, Stewart said he was "stunned" to find out what his friend had done. "I tried to think of it in terms of, you know, I've had friends who have compulsions and who have done things, gambling or drinking or drugs, and we've lost some of them".

"So the internet said Louis harassed women", Stewart replied. "Could I have done more?' I think we all could have".

Comedian Louis C.K. may have finally admitted to sexual misconduct on Friday in the wake of a damning New York Times report - but rumors about his behavior, and the reporting of those rumors, were nothing new.

"Comedy on its best day is not a great environment for women", Stewart continued.

The former "Daily Show" host said Tuesday on NBC's "Today" show that inappropriate behavior is "endemic" in the comedy community and that it is an especially harsh environment for women. Stewart feels, based on a long friendship, "anger at what [Louis C.K.] did to people".

Stewart said that following the podcast taping, he "dug around" to determine if there was any truth behind the audience member's question. "As he kept going, I was like, 'look, I know this is very serious, he's always been a gentleman to me" - which speaks again to the blindness that I think a man has. "You know who you're talking to, right?" he said to him, incredulously.

In addition to C.K.'s sexual misconduct, the Times exposé also alleged that C.K.'s former manager, Dave Becky, may have made threatening remarks toward two women speaking out about the incident, comedy duo Dana Min Goodman and Julia Wolov.

"I think it's a question of we're used to being in charge and I think if you talk to women, they're in a very hard position and you get mad at yourself too for laughing it off and thinking it didn't happen", he said. "But we took somebody's word for it and maybe that's an error on our part". "At the time, I said to myself that what I did was okay because I never showed a woman my d-k without asking first, which is also true". Honestly, I'm not that connected to that world. And look, I don't want to make this like, Louis was the only one in the business. The comic was scheduled to appear on Night of Too Many Stars opposite Stewart, but HBO cut the comedian's scheduled appearance on Thursday.

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