Jim Beam Smart Decanter Pours A Shot On Command

Jim Beam Smart Decanter Pours A Shot On Command

Jim, the world's first (and probably last) smart decanter, will pour shots for you-and all you need to do is tell it a simple voice command.

Voiced by seventh generation master distiller Fred Noe, the decanter-turned-virtual-voice-assistant includes a sleek compartment for Bourbon storage and supports a range of voice commands. Asked about the weather, for instance, Noe's voice replies: "I have no idea, but I do know it's the ideal weather to enjoy bourbon". This year, many other companies have stepped up to the plate, offering their own version of a smart speaker.

According to JIM's product page, which now lists the smart decanter as "out of stock", the device apparently uses some 3G capabilities for something or other which, oddly, it states will "expire after roughly six months".

Jim Beam makes bourbon, but it seems that the distillery is looking to make the jump into the tech industry with the release of its new product Jim, a "smart" decanter.

The gadget was launched this month just in-time for the festive season, with pre-ordered decanters expected to be shipped out by 15 December.

"At Jim Beam, we're in the business of evolving the way people drink delicious bourbon", said Noe. "For decades, we produced unique limited-edition decanters that are now collectors' items".

This is the ONLY thing I want for Christmas!

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