GOP tax plan picks on Steph Curry-his response is perfection

GOP tax plan picks on Steph Curry-his response is perfection

Curry, a multimillion-dollar star, is not named in the 429-page tax bill itself, but responded with confusion over why the GOP would name-check him when describing fiscal policy.

The Hill said a spokesperson for GOP leaders in the House Ways and Means Committee said: "When we talk about how tax reform will help local small business owners, we regularly reference famous people to help clearly communicate how we are proposing to separate wage income from small business income". Under the GOP proposal, taxes on pass-through income would top out at 25 percent, rather than 39.6 percent. But lo and behold, Trump nemesis Stephen Curry - one of the faces of the National Basketball Association - makes a cameo.

"It was weird, that's about it", Curry said, via the Associated Press.

In other words, the plan would prevent a wealthy individual, such as Curry, from incorporating himself and then classifying his $34.7 million salary as "pass-through income".

"I wonder if Steve's Bike Shop is hiring", Curry tweeted.

Curry has been singled out by Washington Republicans before - the top one, in fact.

Curry has been a vocal critic of President Donald Trump in recent months. Championship teams have traditionally visited the president, but the Warriors were wavering due to their disapproval of Trump.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr always been an outspoken Trump critic. After the two-time NBA MVP told reporters at Warriors media day that he didn't want to attend the White House to celebrate the Warriors' NBA title, Trump tweeted: "Going to the White House is considered a great honor for a championship team". The tax plan includes a shoutout of Stephen Curry as an example of someone who might try to use a tax loophole to lower his taxes.

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