Apple is planning to put 3D-scanning lasers into the 2019 iPhone

Apple is planning to put 3D-scanning lasers into the 2019 iPhone

The hype created with the face ID and the Animoji still has the remnants among the users and it will take its sweet time to wear off.

Bloomberg today has released a report that indicates that Apple might be developing a 3D sensor, freshly made to sit at the rear of the 2019-bound phone. Specifically, the phone uses the TrueDepth camera periodically to make a map of the user's face, especially on start up.

iOS 11 has impressive AR features built into it, and iPhones are already able to virtually place furniture in a room or dominoes on a table, but a time-of-flight camera would take it to a new level, letting objects recognise the world around them and react accordingly.

The system as stated would work on the principle of lasers. Here the sensor will measure the time it takes for a laser to bounce off surrounding objects to create a three-dimensional picture of the environment.

Google also does same by the use of its dual pixels in it recently released Pixel Camera 2, which comes up with just enough effect of parallax to achieve the goal. Well, simply because the new technique proposed would definitely give more precise and accurate results compared to what we have now. Moreover, Apple might be heading towards making the new generation of iPhones more augmented-reality focused handset.

The TrueDepth system shines about 30,000 dots outward, which is then captured and analyzed. This is how Face ID gets the 3D data it needs to check for a facial identity match and unlock the device. This technology will basically be incorporated into the upcoming iPhone in 2019.

Kuo's earlier note, in addition to various rumors, hinted that there will be an upgraded iPhone X and a larger model that is being referred to as the iPhone X Plus. These reports pointed to tests they conducted, which seemed to show that the camera apparently wasn't using depth data.

Apple, however, has enabled its augmented reality development kit only for the front camera of the iPhone X, not the other lowly iPhones, so you will still need that expensive gear to swap your face with the one of a talking pig, and startle the natives in the Amazonian rainforests.

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