WhatsApp 'Delete for Everyone' is here: Find out how it works

WhatsApp 'Delete for Everyone' is here: Find out how it works

The instant messaging platform had been working on this feature for quite some time, and now it is rolling out to iOS, Android and Windows Phone users. For those unaware, the recall feature is already available in other popular chat apps like Telegram, Viber, and others, and WhatsApp is finally looking to make it available to its billion daily active users as well. I'm sure you're smart enough to figure out other uses for this, cough cough.

Although the "Delete for Everyone" feature was much-awaited, you have to keep something in mind while using it. The report says that it will be called "Delete for Everyone" and several users have started noticing the feature in the latest WhatsApp version when they press the trash symbol.

Based on the initial report, the sent message will be deleted from the chat page as well as from the notifications pane. The former deletes the message in your chat and also the receiver's chat, while the latter deletes the message only in your chat screen. Further, the feature can only be used within the seven minutes of time span after sending the message.

It also warns that, even if the feature does work successfully, there's a chance the person you've been chatting to may have already seen the message before you chose to revoke it. The site adds that in its current implementation, WhatsApp will not notify the user that the message has been deleted.

The website explains that when users delete a text message, WhatsApp sends a fake cope of the message to the recipient. However, if the ID of the message is present in WhatsApp's database, it will be revoked.

WhatsApp is getting a new feature, and a long requested one at that. Deleted messages will be replaced by "This message was deleted for everyone".

However, in July this year, Delhi High Court ruled that WhatsApp messages can not be used as evidence, in case the petitioners are unable to produce the original "document".

WABetainfo notes that WhatsApp at the moment does not recall a message contained in a quoted message.

Message deletion for all, i.e. message recalls, lets you remove a message you sent from a conversation and it won't just disappear from your end, it'll also go away on the recipient (s)'s phone.

The sender and receiver both need to be on the newest version. In the chat history you shall see the chat bubble with "This message was deleted for everyone" if you are the recipient.

If you are also among the few who have received the update, do let us know in the comments sctions below.

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