Secret Superstar: Aamir Khan's Sexy Baliye song is all sorts of insane

Secret Superstar: Aamir Khan's Sexy Baliye song is all sorts of insane

"Unfortunately, what has happened is that most of us stars are males". Because as kids, whatever stories we have heard, have seen boys as heroes and saviours. "We start planting these thoughts in our heads since childhood".

He believes gender is immaterial as long as people come with the required talent.

As a producer, he said, "It does not matter to me if you are male or female or an animal". But ultimately in the economics of cinema anyone who pulls people in will be paid higher. While Aamir said, "He flirts with girls".

His upcoming movie Secret Superstar is expected to make 100 crores at the box office but Aamir khan has little interest in all the money that the movie is speculated to earn upon its release. But fans don't know that as they see me as 30-year-old.

"I thought if I do this film, then I will become old and fat. I will give her value, from a purely economical point of view", he added. "That is what we describe as stardom". His role is that of a music director named Shakti Kumarr, who is past his career prime.

Talking about the challenges, Aamir stated, "The challenge for me was to not just to behave like him but to feel like him".

"I don't charge a fee". That is assuming the film will do well. "Fortunately, my films have brought profit", he said. They all should be paid the same amount. One is for the work that you are doing.

Aamir Khan didn't stop at wage gap disparity between actors and actresses and extended the discourse to a film's creative and technical team.

While Aamir's character in the film looks a lot like Nadeem Saifi, one half of composers Nadeem-Shravan, the similarity ends there. Their gender is not important.

Aamir thinks there is no gender inequality in the film industry.

"There are films coming out with powerful women characters". There was Queen which Kangana had done, then there was Simran. I hope people will connect with the story.

The news was shared by the official handle of UTV Films, under the banner of which, the historic film "Dangal" was made.

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