SC puts on hold Centre's plan to deport Rohingyas

SC puts on hold Centre's plan to deport Rohingyas

Stressing that the State has a big role to play, the apex court said the issue of Rohingya Muslims was of "great magnitude".

Mindful of the centre's concern, the court told the petitioner that they were free to straightaway approach the top SC if any contingency situation arose.

The court while saying that national importance can not be secondary added that the human rights of the Rohingyas should also be kept in mind.

The letter further states that the Indian government's justification to deport Rohingya Muslims "is premised on the false assumption that all Rohingya people present a potential threat to national security".

The Court also orders that no Rohingyas will be deported until it will deliver its verdict on the matter.

The Centre has contended that stay of the Rohingyas was "absolutely illegal" and has serious ramifications on national security.

A Rohingya petitioner had on September 23 told the top court that they were not illegal immigrants but refugees who fled Myanmar and came to India for shelter in wake of their persecution on the grounds of their religion and community identity and were entitled to all protection under the global conventions on refugees and treaties.

While the Centre's ruling BJP and its ideological mentor RSS have strongly advocated deportation of the Rohingyas, Opposition parties and civil society members have vehemently opposed the move and insisted for taking a sensitive and humanitarian approach.

The UN's human rights chief has criticised India's decision as lacking "basic human compassion". "This is simply not the case and the evidence to support these assertions have not held up", read the letter. "However, this should not be used an excuse to mete out collective punishment to an entire community", it says, adding that India must "exert its diplomatic clout to pressurise the Government of Myanmar to end the security crackdown in Rakhine".

The affidavit stated that the Rohingyas should be treated at par with Tibetan and Sri Lankan refugees. It is in India's national interest to ensure that all hostilities against the Rohingya community come to an immediate halt.

"We have to strike a balance".

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