North Korea finally CRACKS and sends begging letter to MORTAL ENEMY

North Korea finally CRACKS and sends begging letter to MORTAL ENEMY

Julie Bishop, Australia's minister for foreign affairs, said the letter from Pyongyang indicated that worldwide sanctions were working. "It is an extreme act of threatening to totally destroy the whole world", the letter states.

From the first day of his office Trump has engaged himself in high-handed and arbitrary practice, scrapping worldwide laws and agreements incurring his displeasure on the "U.S. -first principle", the height of American way of thinking that is best if well-off at the expense of the whole world.

Officials in Australia have described the letter as a clear sign the Kim Jong-un's country is becoming desperate after a raft of sanctions were placed on it.

Turnbull said the letter was "consistent with [North Korea's] ranting and complaining about Donald Trump".

Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull said the letter had been sent to other nations.

'The fact of the matter is that North Korea is the one that is in breach of UN Security Council resolutions.

North Korea's foreign minister responded by threatening to drop a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific Ocean.

'That is the regime that has to return to its senses and stop this reckless conduct'.

Turnbull has strongly backed the USA on North Korea, saying he is "of one mind" with Trump on the conflict and committing Australia to be involved in any conflict in the event North Korea attacks the US.

At the time Ms Bishop, who was in South Korea with Defence Minister Marise Payne for talks with their South Korean counterparts, hit back and said Australia was not a "primary target". "The tighter the economic sanctions are applied, the greater prospect we have of resolving that situation without a conflict". Pyongyang usually relies on KCNA to send its messages.

"I read this as showing that the collective strategy of allies and partners to impose maximum pressure and diplomatic and economic sanctions on North Korea is working; this is a very unusual step of issuing an open letter of this character". She said most of the contents of the note were rants against US President Trump and little about Australia itself.

The North Koreans have recently escalated their nuclear testing, amid speculation they have developed missiles that could reach as far as New Zealand.

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