New Orleans police officer shot, killed while on patrol

New Orleans police officer shot, killed while on patrol

A suspect shot and killed an NOPD officer in East New Orleans around midnight Friday.

Harrison said four officers made an observation that caused them to exit the police vehicle when a suspect opened fire, striking the officer several times. He added the suspect was also shot multiple times and is at the hospital. Authorities say only one officer was injured and transported to UMC where he later died.

The suspect was detained after a standoff in a nearby apartment.

It happened at an apartment complex in the 6800 block of Cindy Place, about a block off the I-10.

The New Orleans Force Investigation Team will investigate the officer-involved shooting, according to department protocol, Harrison said.

The gunman reportedly surrendered to police.

Police say both men were hit in the shootout.

At the request of the officer's family, NOPD has not yet named the officer who was killed. He is in a local hospital, and will be charged once he is released.

"These are the worst kind of days for the city", the mayor said.

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