Nearly half think media fabricate Trump reports

Nearly half think media fabricate Trump reports

Among the voters who strongly approve of Trump's job performance in the poll, 85 percent believe the media fabricate stories about the president and his administration.

Attacks on the "fake news" media have become a staple of the Trump administration - and almost half of voters, including the vast majority of Republicans, believe the president when he claims that the media is making up stories about him.

The poll found that the divide is very partisan - 76 percent of Republican voters think the news media invents stories about Trump and his administration, while just 11 percent don't think they make up stories.

Voters, however, tend to disagree with Trump's suggestion of revoking licenses. Eighty-one percent of Democrats oppose the plan along with 50 percent of independents, while 70 percent of Republicans support it.

Throughout his presidency and his bid for the White House, Trump has dismissed critical coverage as fake news, and has attacked numerous political commentators, reporters, and media outlets (including TheBlaze).

The findings come after a relentless campaign by Mr Trump against the media in the nine months he has been in office.

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The poll comes after Trump tweeted last week that licenses should be challenged and revoked, if appropriate.

NBC reported that Trump said at a Pentagon meeting that he wanted to nuclear weapons cache increased by 'ten-fold'.

Only 28% believe the federal government should be able to yank the broadcasting license of an organization it says is making up stories, with a majority - 51% - saying it should not be able to do so. Another 14 percent say they don't have an opinion yet. Another 21 percent said they are undecided.

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