National Football League fines Steelers safety Mike Mitchell

National Football League fines Steelers safety Mike Mitchell

In the Chiefs' 19-13 loss to Pittsburgh on Sunday, Smith completed a pass to Kareem Hunt that went for 37 yards. While Mitchell has since said him being tripped by Steelers outside linebacker Anthony Chickillo is what led to him hitting Smith in his lower body and from behind, the league still viewed it as a finable offense and one that the safety could have avoided just the same. It was really low from the backside. Smith criticized Mitchell after the game and, after watching video, said the hit was "about as flagrant as it gets." ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that Mitchell was fined $48,620 for the questionable hit while he will reportedly appeal.

On the third quarter play, Smith dropped back and was quickly pressured, in part by Mitchell, who came in untouched on a blitz.

"I felt like it was extremely late", Smith said earlier this week of Mitchell's hit.

"Certainly guys falling, rushing the quarterback I get it when it's happening from the front and guys trying hard". Alex is backpedaling into me. "Alex is back pedaling into me, I wasn't even going in the direction of Alex".

ESPN's Jeremy Fowler tweeted that in addition to the $48k for the Smith hit, Mitchell picked up a second fine from the game, for grabbing a facemask, though it is unclear the amount - usually facemask fines are $9,115, but that amount doubles for repeat offenders. An unnecessary roughness penalty against Antonio Gates cost him $8,681 and his hit on Tyler Eifert, a defenseless receiver, cost him $23,152.

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