National Football League boss' wife busted running fake Twitter account

National Football League boss' wife busted running fake Twitter account

The @forargument account tweeted to him "Curry was referring to Kaep missing (not Goodell) when he said "terrible" check the tape".

"It was a REALLY silly thing to do and done out of frustration-and love", Skinner said in a written statement to the Journal Thursday.

"I'm also a wife and a mom", she continued.

Why? Well, she loves the guy and didn't like the media coverage he was getting on such topics as deflate-gate, Ezekiel Elliott or more recently the national anthem protests. "I just may not use Twitter to do so in the future!"

The Wall Street Journal figured out the account belonged to Jane Goodell based on her Twitter follows, which included accounts related to her children's schools. After The Wall Street Journal revealed her secret yesterday, she made the account private and then deleted it completely. In one example, after Pro Football Talk tweeted on September 26 that it was "on the commissioner" to resolve the issue of player protests during the national anthem, she replied, "Please do better reporting".

While her tweets and account have been removed from Twitter, some remain visible on sites like Wayback Machine, an internet archive. "He is already doing this". The publication stated it discovered the account was Goodell's, in part, by looking at her followers and investigating the connections.

"Please do better reporting".

The accompanying comment read: "Roger Goodell with three guys who will be disowned by their families tomorrow". Jane Skinner was a reporter for NEWS CENTER back in the 90's. Of course, Goodell and Durant are likely far from the only high-profile people in sports (or beyond) who do dirty work from anonymous accounts. Last month, it was discovered National Basketball Association star Kevin Durant reportedly used secret social media accounts as well.

The league has a mounting litany of problems, from the ongoing concussion and player safety narrative, the pre-game protests, Colin Kaepernick's continued blackballing, and falling attendance numbers, Goodell has drawn the ire of die-hard football fans, both sides of the political spectrum, and NFL players. Last month, Trump told a rally in Alabama that owners should get rid of players who kneel during the anthem.

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