Millions Of Pornhub Users Targeted By Year Long Global Malvertising Attack

Millions Of Pornhub Users Targeted By Year Long Global Malvertising Attack

Kovter itself is a sneaky and persistent malware variety, as Malwarebytes explains.

Commenting on the PornHub malware in an email to Newsweek, Javvad Malik from the security firm AlienVault, said: "Malvertising campaigns are a favoured avenue for many attackers".

Millions of Pornhub users were targeted with a malvertising attack that sought to trick them into installing malware on their PCs, Proofpoint said.

The cyberattack researchers learned that hackers used the virus to commit ad fraud malware, essentially manipulating the user's computer to click on specific ads, generating them money.

Turns out you don't even have to engage in any sexual activity to get a virus - just watching people have sex is enough to get you (*aka: your computer) infected, or at least if you watched PornHub in the past year.

Typically, the software generates revenue through clicking on fake adverts through online advertising fraud.

Those served the malicious ads were redirected to a social engineering page displaying an urgent message to install a critical update.

Proofpoint detailed its analysis of the so-called KovCoreG group, well-known for spreading Kovter malware globally via such tactics.

"The combination of large malvertising campaigns on very high-ranking websites with sophisticated social engineering schemes that convince users to infect themselves means that potential exposure to malware is quite high, reaching millions of web surfers", the researchers wrote in a report of their findings. "The audience is possibly less likely to have security in place or active as people's perception is that it's already a dark place to surf", he said.

"Also the user may be less likely to call for help. not wanting others to see their browsing habits - and of course the criminals are fully aware of this".

"Pornhub's commitment to providing their viewers with an optimal online experience has made security a top priority, allowing us to respond quickly to cybercrime and safeguard our customers", says Corey Price, vice president of Pornhub.

Earlier this year, porn lovers were told that visiting X-rated websites on their mobile phones could expose their filthy secrets to the world.

However, the malicious ads have now been removed by both the ad network and the adult website.

It was recently claimed that porn could be ruining your sex life by "peddling the myth it's easy to make girls orgasm".

Yep, you guessed it - the rest were fake.

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