Lena Headey: Star alleges Weinstein was 'furious' after she rejected his advances

Lena Headey: Star alleges Weinstein was 'furious' after she rejected his advances

"Game of Thrones" star Lena Headey revealed Tuesday that she had her own disturbing experience with Harvey Weinstein in an elevator - and when she rebuffed him, he warned her to keep her mouth shut.

The actress said Weinstein was "silent" and "furious" as they walked towards his room.

The British actress, 44, was in town to promote her 2005 Miramax film "The Brothers Grimm" when Weinstein asked her to take a walk and offered up a suggestive comment and gesture.

But then there was another encounter in LA a few years later that Headey says ended with her crying in her auto. "I was never in any other Miramax films". I remember thinking, "It's got to be a joke". He came back and said, let's go up to the room, I want to give you a script.

Coming after the New York Times and the New Yorker published separate exposes about Weinstein allegedly sexually harassing and assaulting women for decades without effect, Headey's story is depressingly familiar.

She said that years later, Weinstein asked her to meet for breakfast before attempting to ask her about her love life, until she "shifted the conversation back to something less personal".

"It'd be like kissing my dad!", Headey said she told Weinstein, before suggesting they return to the others in their group.

Lena met Weinstein for breakfast at a hotel, but started to get a bad feeling about the goal of the get-together in an elevator after the meal, when Weinstein had convinced her to head to his room to retrieve a script. "His hand was on my back", she wrote. "I don't know what possessed me to speak out at that moment, only that I had such a strong sense of don't come near me". "We walked to the lift and the energy shifted, my whole body went into high alert". According to Headey's Twitter statement, Weinstein's key card didn't work, causing him to become even angrier and usher her back downstairs.

Multiple actresses and women in the entertainment industry have accused Weinstein of sexual assault or harassment, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Cara Delevingne, Rose McGowan, and Angelina Jolie.

The producer ended up marching Lena back downstairs to a auto, all while "grabbing and holding tightly to the back of my arm", leaving the 44-year-old on the brink of tears.

"I got into my auto and I cried", Headey's statement concluded.

Her story comes after The New York Times and The New Yorker publicized allegations of rampant sexual harassment and abuse by Weinstein over decades, blaming Hollywood insiders' culture of secrecy for keeping it under wraps for so long.

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