Indian man arrested after making Rs50 lakh by duping Amazon

Indian man arrested after making Rs50 lakh by duping Amazon

While e-commerce sites such as Amazon India are usually the ones to goof-up, this time the e-commerce giant is on the other side of the matter.

A 21-year-old Delhi based boy named Shivam Chopra made nearly 50 lakhs just in two months April and May 2017 from Amazon. How, you ask? Well, the report suggests that every time after ordering a new smartphone, Shivam would raise a request for a refund by claiming the shipping package to be empty.

The accused, Shivam Chopra, hailing from Delhi, had ordered mobile phones from the online store and demanded refund claiming that he had received blank boxes from Amazon.

According to the report, Shivam Chopra had done a course in hotel management from an institute in Rohini in North Delhi, and had tried his hand at some jobs. In March this year, just to check if the plan works fine, he ordered two phones, and when he asked for a refund for the two phones, he got the whole amount back. Chopra had opted for cash on delivery on all their orders and would pay through gift vouchers.

The e-commerce company realised they were being cheated only after they found out that all the purchases were being made from one particular neighbourhood in Tri Nagar and subsequently approached Shalimar Bagh police station in north-west Delhi.

Chopra revealed to police that he purchased a number of SIM cards from Jain who runs a telecom store in the neighborhood. In shocking revelation about their trick, the police officer said that the accused had used 141 numbers and 48 different customer accounts and a refund in full was sought against all orders. The police officials have recovered Rs 12 lakh in cash, 25 mobile phones and 40 bank passbooks during the investigations, reports. He had also kept Rs 10 lakh with someone else for safekeeping.

The police have arrested Chopra and his accomplice Sachin Jain, 38, a telecom operator residing near his house for supplying almost 140 pre-activated SIM-cards to the former to place orders in different names to dupe the e-commerce website.

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