EMILY's List: Sanders headlining Women's Convention 'sends the wrong message'

EMILY's List: Sanders headlining Women's Convention 'sends the wrong message'

People were quick to point out that Bernie hasn't always been a champion for women and that women issues aren't at the forefront of his politics. 'You couldn't find any inspiring, powerful, woman to give the opening speech?

In a follow-up message, Messing went a step farther in her withering critique, writing: 'It's Marching backwards.

Sanders said that he is "honored" to join the women at the conference upon the release of the event, saying that supporting women's leadership is vital to progressive causes. Other participants include actresses Amber Tamblyn and Piper Perabo; Rep Maxine Waters, a Democrat from California; and OH politician Nina Turner, among others.

Women and supporters of the Women's Convention are not pleased, better yet angry, at the decision to hire Bernie to speak.

"We have more women leaders in elected office than ever before ..."

In response to calls to select a woman to open the convention, Tamika Mallory, the co-president of the Women's March Board, tweeted that 78-year-old California Rep. Maxine Waters - who is now serving her 14 term and coined the phrase "Reclaiming our Time" - is actually headlining the conference.

The theme of the Womens' conference is Reclaiming Our Time. There are plenty women in politics who could talk at the convention.

Tamika Mallory, a Women's March cofounder, told the Detroit Free Press in an interview that Sanders "the right choice to be a headliner for the first national Women's Convention in 40 years".

The organizers behind the upcoming Women's Convention are being criticized for inviting Sen.

More politicians, activists and celebrities are also expected to attend. We all know how busy women leaders are, and we are grateful for the support of women like Secretary Clinton along with Senators Harris, Warren and Gillibrand.

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