DICE addresses Star Wars: Battlefront II loot box concerns

DICE addresses Star Wars: Battlefront II loot box concerns

Each loot crate has been detailed to contain more than just cosmetic items - the crates will contain Star Cars, Weapons and "other" valuable resources.

Crates will include a mix of Star Cards, Outfits, Emotes or Victory Poses.

EA has addressed feedback from the Star Wars Battlefront 2 beta, including issues around loot crates. Duplicate Star Card drops will be converted into crafting parts, which you can then use to upgrade the Star Card of your choice.

Furthermore, like in most EA and DICE games, your profile from a beta to the full game carries over, meaning that if you have the best of the best gear you will always have an advantage in the full version. This sounds like a fair enough solution, at least short term, but it still appears they haven't found a way to keep the game balanced when the player actually reaches the higher ranks, so it'll be interesting to see if they make more changes.

The developer also mentions that voices asking for ways to play the game with the same set of star cards with flattened values have been "heard" even if no implementation was promised. "Like everything else, we will be continually making necessary changes to ensure the game is fun for everyone", EA said. This is due to the fact that no additional new content will be made available, so players will still have to wait for the November release to be able to play the full version of the game - if they have already grown exhausted of the beta test. We're taking a look at some of the most discussed topics, from Crates and progression to Strike mode, the Specialist's Infiltration ability and more.

Star Wars: Battlefront II seems to be the next logical step in the evolution of DICE's multiplayer shooting franchise. Oh, and the First Order Flametrooper needs some work - we agree he could use a little more. firepower.

Players have not responded well to the loot crate system in the Battlefront 2 beta, which grants users various perks based on what they collect from them.

So far, developer DICE and publisher Electronic Arts have been putting a lot of focus on the game's single player, which was sorely missed from the reboot of Star Wars Battlefront.

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