China September Exports Rise 9%

China September Exports Rise 9%

Customs figures showed exports grew 8.1 percent and imports expanded 18.7 percent in September.

The General Administration of Customs in Beijing reported on Friday that their imports of North Korean products slipped 37-point-nine percent last month, year-on-year, while it exports to the North also shrank almost seven percent over the same period.

The gain was stronger than the most optimistic forecast in a Reuters analysts poll.

China's imports of North Korean goods between January and September fell 16-point-seven percent year-on-year to stand at some one-and-a-half billion USA dollars.

China's imports have been growing at a double-digit pace since January.

Imports for the first three quarters were 3.44 million tonnes, down 9.4 percent on the same period previous year, customs said.

The world's second biggest economy recorded a trade surplus of CNY193 billion (USD29.3 billion), down from CNY 286.5 billion in August. House says that part of the pick-up comes amid shift in the timing of the Mid-Autumn Festival, leading to more working days last month than in September 2016.

It was the latest positive economic news for China after the International Monetary Fund's released a report this week raising the country's growth forecasts for 2017 and 2018 to 6.8 percent and 6.5 percent, respectively. The trade surplus was the lowest in six months.

China-US ties have been strained by President Donald Trump's criticism of China's trade practices and by demands that Beijing do more to put pressure on North Korea.

China's economy has surprised analysts with its resilience so far in 2017, expanding by 6.9% in the first half, though most market watchers have stuck to predictions that it will slowly begin to lose growth momentum later in the year.

That could see a further rise in borrowing costs for companies and consumers.

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