Amazon gives teens shopping independence

Amazon gives teens shopping independence

Amazon wants to attract teenage shoppers with a new feature that lets them shop without their parents.

Pre-approving orders is done alongside establishing a spending limit, meaning that while the teen can order anything they want, they can only do such up to a certain price before the ability is taken away. "This is very thoughtful and empowers parents to help their teens (ages 13-17) learn to make good shopping decisions online and to encourage offline conversations about spending limits".

Setting up a teen account on Amazon requires input from the parent.

Amazon is making Prime more accessible for students thanks to a new monthly payment option. "We've listened to families and have built a great experience for both teens and parents", said Michael Carr, VP of Amazon Households, in a statement. The kid then receives an invite and they choose their own username and password.

Teens who are interested in using their own login can get the ball rolling by texting their parents an invitation.

While teens' orders through the new system are tied to a shared credit card for the family, it's likely that, in many cases, teens will be paying for those purchases themselves by giving mom or dad cash back at home.

Analysts say by essentially establishing an online allowance, Amazon has found a way to lure in the next generation of consumers. Parents will get a text or email notification with the information about the order, which will include an option to approve or decline the order. It's a rite of passage for many teens and tweens. Everyone knows most of the benefits from the subscription service by now, but the thing that I hear that keeps some people away is the cost.

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