Check out these leaked Huawei Mate 10 renders

Check out these leaked Huawei Mate 10 renders

"Huawei is over-dependent on its home market China where it enjoys the leadership position and operator-centric markets in Europe, Latin America and Middle East", said Richardson. Now, this suggests that the Honor V10 will be fueled by the all-new Kirin 970 SoC which was announced by Huawei at IFA, and that is not exactly a huge surprise considering that the Honor V9 was fueled by the Kirin 960, which was Huawei's flagship SoC for a year ago. That said, it looks like the Mate 10 will not sport a bezel-less display like most of the competitions do. Right off the bat, the screen we notice is nothing like the Galaxies and LGs we've witnessed this year. Also, according to Huawei CEO Richard Yu, the Mate 10 will ensure a longer battery life. Huawei has used this combination before, so we expect to see it again on the Mate 10. The images show the device from all angle and it didn't reveal a bezel-less design but the Mate 10 had tiny bezels at the sides of the display.

The chip is meant to complement Huawei's Cloud AI system by utilizing on-device sensors to "process real-time, scenario-specific and personalized data" according to a Huawei media release. The display is expected to come out at 5.9 inches and it will offer an 18:9 resolution.

What we do know for sure about the dual cameras is that it will be co-engineered by German camera maker Leica. The dual lens camera will be present as usual and there will still be the 3.5mm audio jack as part of the standard specs. Chinese brand Huawei did a couple of announcements such as confirming the launch date of Huawei Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro. It also carries a Type-C USB port, 6GB of RAM and 64GB of native storage. Meanwhile, everyone is now keeping an eye out for Apple as it prepares to announce the iPhone 8 next week on September 12.

What makes Huawei's move even more significant is that it does not have a "hero phone" that it relies on significantly in the way that Apple does its iPhone 7 and Samsung it Galaxy S8. Now, it looks like Huawei efforts have paid off. That being said, the V9 range is not going away anytime soon: the new Honor V9 Play is coming soon.

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