Cops Conducted Vaginal Search After Smelling Weed

Cops Conducted Vaginal Search After Smelling Weed

The video appears to show a deputy forcefully pushing a handcuffed Corley to the ground, and then looked as though the deputies removed her trousers and searched her. Cammack said the deputies searched her vaginal area, and the entire process took at least 11 minutes.

Investigators alleged they found 0.02 ounces of marijuana on her, though Cammack said that there was no marijuana, the Houston Chronicle reported at the time. He says he plans to release dash-cam video of the traffic stop to the media in the hopes of generating enough public outcry to force the county to reopen the case with a new prosecutor.

Charnesia Corley told Eyewitness News she had her legs up in the air for 10 minutes as the female officer held a torch and searched inside her for marijuana.

When Corley protested against being searched, "deputies forcibly threw Ms. Corley to the ground, while she was still handcuffed, pinned her down with her legs spread apart, threatened to break her legs, and without consent penetrated her vagina in a purported search for marijuana", the lawsuit, which remains ongoing, states.

All of this happened, according to the officers, because they suspected Corley was in possession of marijuana.

The DA's office told KRIV that it dropped the charges against Strong and Pierre after "new evidence" became available and was presented to a second grand jury, different from the one that voted to indict the officers past year. After dropping charges for two of the three officers earlier this month, the prosecutor said she's now in possession of new evidence and looking to indict the officers again.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said "policy prohibits deputies from conducting strip searches without a warrant".

The Harris County Sheriff's Department issued a statement that said that body searches must be conducted in a private, sanitary setting.

The sheriff says two of the three deputies have been cleared and are still on the job because one did not actively participate in the search, and the other who initiated the search will remain in her current assignment. In the meantime, Cammack is pushing for a special prosecutor to step in from another county and bring new charges against the deputies. Those charges were later dropped.

"Deputies can't pick and choose what laws to enforce". "She was never penetrated, she was never violated in that way or inappropriately handled".

Charnesia Corley said she felt violated after the search.


Corley, in a 2015 interview with HuffPost, said she was running an errand for her sick mother when deputies pulled her over and accused her of running a stop sign.

"It was not their goal for her to be in that situation", she said. "People were watching. You didn't see people walking around?"

"It was a narcotics search, OK? You escalated it. I gave you several outs".

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