Contaminated eggs scandal hit 15 European Union states, besides Switzerland, Hong Kong: EC

Contaminated eggs scandal hit 15 European Union states, besides Switzerland, Hong Kong: EC

The EU's executive Commission said on Friday that contaminated eggs have been found at producers in four countries; Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

The EU insists there is no threat to human health, but the World Health Organization (WHO) says that when eaten in large quantities it can harm people's kidneys, liver and thyroid glands.

However the country's veterinary and food administration said in a statement that the eggs were not unsafe to human health.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) in Britain said it was very unlikely that there was a risk to public health.

A spokeswoman in Brussels said the situation was "evolving by the day", as criminal investigators continued to hold two men arrested on Thursday for fraud following a series of raids in Belgium and the Netherlands.

The European egg contamination scandal has hit Denmark with the country's authorities announcing that 20 tonnes of boiled and peeled eggs are tainted with the insecticide fipronil. Further away in Hong Kong, the government's Centre for Food Safety also identified two samples of imported Dutch eggs containing excessive levels of fipronil and asked shops to remove the products. Products in British supermarkets were removed on Thursday after it was discovered that the initial Food Standards Agency claim that 21,000 contaminated eggs had hit the United Kingdom was a major underestimate.

European Union commissioner for health and food safety, Vytenis Andriukaitis, stressed that the meeting would not be a crisis summit, nor would its objective be to apportion blame. "We don't know yet if there is an impact on Hong Kong".

"Customers can bring the product along with the receipt to the store for either a merchandise exchange or refund when they have queries about the products purchased", he added.

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